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Want to launch a product? Here’s how to get started

Are you struggling with knowing how and where to get started? Launching a product or feature can be overwhelming. It’s tempting to think you start by just building something. Problem is, this doesn’t provide direction later on. Learn where to focus your efforts when you’re first getting started for the biggest impact.


Active vs. Engaged Customers

Are your users active or are they engaged? It’s your job to figure out who is not engaged so you can help ‘active’ users accomplish their goals.


What Types of Problems are You Solving?

Knowing the types of problems you’re solving for customers helps you stay hyper focused on ensuring customer needs are met and solved.


Slowing Down as a Competitive Advantage

Nothing is worse that interacting with a human who it trained to not communicate like a human. Learn to slow down and understand customer needs.

Onboarding: The Overlooked Strategy for Growth

Growth is not only about getting new customers into the door. Continually providing solutions for existing customers will ensure predictable growth.

Customer Interactions: How to Give Customers the Experience They Need

Learn about the two types of customer interactions and how to identify which to implement to ensure you and your customers will succeed.


How to Get Your Customers on a Path to Success

Mapping out a plan of how you’re going to help your customers achieve their goals will increase life-time value and reduce churn.