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Differentiation and business failure

Businesses and products fail for an accumulation of reasons. Discover the core reason why customers don’t buy and what you can do about it.


Understanding the Value of Your Product

Makers are usually the last to understand where the value in their product exists. Understand what the market values and then figure out what to make.


The IKEA Effect: Increasing Product Value

Helping your customers succeed does not always mean doing the work for them. Provide the right tools for them and they will do the work themselves.


How to Demo Software to Increase Leads

Software demos should not be dull, dry walkthroughs. They should be lively and engaging stories! It ensures your product resonates with potential customers.


Is Your Product Developed from the Inside-Out or the Outside-In?

Are your product and design decisions driven solely by internal business needs? Or are they being made from the customers’ or users’ perspective?


How to Get Potential Customers to Ignore Your Competitors

You product’s position in the market helps customers understand what your product does and who it’s for. Use this tip to cement it into their head.

How Balsamiq Makes Application Loading Enjoyable

There are a million little ways to put a smile on your customers’ faces. They’re completely free, so why wouldn’t you do at least a handful?

Iron Maiden vs. The Beatles

Connecting with everyone is a nearly impossible route to take. Connecting with a well-defined group of people, on the other hand, just takes commitment.


The Customer-Identity Gap

Do you know who your customer is?