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How to build wealth

Smart money gives you time. Dumb money steals it. Here you’ll find insights and lessons on time, money, freedom, and–most importantly–building wealth.


50% off Does Not Mean Value Has Increased 50%

Price is irrelevant when determining the value of the purchases we make. When something is offered at a discount it does not mean the value has gone up.


The Price of a $100 Pen

What you earn is not what you get to keep at the end of the day. Purchasing a $100 watch requires you to earn more than $100.


Pessimistic Spending

The perceived utility of a purchase now may or may not extend into the future.


When Budgets Fail

The problem with a budget is that it encourages spending. It places the focus on spending vs. saving or making.


What Would You Do For $100?

Most people would not travel 30 minutes out of their way for a $100 off a new car. But they would for $100 off a TV.