Above is a photo of the sticker that was on my new insurance card. It’s one of those “next step” stickers. They’re common enough so when I saw it I knew the instructions would detail the next steps I’d need to take.

Or, rather, that’s what I thought.

The instructions

Act now!

Activate Premera Pulse for personalized health information when you need it most.

Text “Now” to <5-digit-#>

As you can see, there’s some conflicting messages going on here and my mind did not know how to resolve it.

I had to reread the message so I could try and parse what was being asked of me.

The header seems clear, “Act now!”

OK. I’ve been activated and my mind is ready to be given a task. The exclamation only triggers that much more vigilance and focus.

I continue.

Activate Premera Pulse

I am note sure what “Premera Pulse” is but I’m okay with that. It’s a sticker on my new card so that along with “activate” are good enough clues that seem to match up my thought process nicely.

Onward and upward.

for personalized health information

Whoa. What’s going on here? It seems like we’ve taken a turn. Do I need personalized health information? What information is personalized?

Maybe if I read on things will be clarified.

when you need it most.

So, this is where I’m at: When I am ready to receive personalized health information (whatever that is), what should I do?

Text “Now” to <5-digit-#>

I think I got it:

At the precise moment I’d like to have my personalized health information (again, I have no idea what information I’ll receive), I should text the 5-digit number.

But that header, “Act now!” It’s begging me to take action right now…

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