How to Get Potential Customers to Ignore Your Competitors

Here is a quick tip on how to separate your product from the pack.

When talking about your product with potential customers, use the phrase “other solutions” in reference to your competitors. For example, “I’m sure you’ve been looking at several other solutions…” and then launch into your pitch.

What happens is that your product will start to stand out in peoples’ minds. They will think of in terms of everyone else’s products lumped together and yours will stand on its own.

Of course, your product’s position in the market must differ from your competitors. Otherwise this technique will not be effective. Positioning is important because it places focus on your product’s unique benefit. People identify with benefits and outcomes more than, say, features.

It’s common that competitors will list all the things their product can do. This is important information that customers need to make their purchasing decision, but your marketing materials should not lead with this kind of information.

Your initial messages need to focus on a measurable outcome customers are looking to achieve. Ideally, you’ll have a one-liner that sums up your product. It should be something that only you own. Something that people will associate your product with. A great way to distill your position is to come up with a tagline.

Elements of a positioning tagline

A solid positioning tagline will:

  1. Describe what your product is about.
  2. Emphasize what’s unique about your product.
  3. Take a stance and be opinionated.

Describe what your product is about

Tell people what it is your product does. What problem does it help them solve? Don’t presume people will be able to figure it out solely by looking at some screenshots or a large photo. First describe in detail what it is your product does and then edit down to as few words as possible.

What’s important here is to be new-customer friendly. In other words, if someone who knew nothing about your product landed on your website, would they know within five seconds what your product is about.

Emphasize what’s unique about your product

This is the meat of positioning. Your tagline must convey what is unique about your product otherwise people will assume it’s just like all the rest. Funnily enough, if your position is strong enough your product does not need to be all that different from competitors.

Take a stance and be opinionated

It’s one thing to be unique, it’s another to have an opinion. When you have an opinion it easier for people to identify with you. This is as much about standing for something as it is standing against something.

When Salesforce launched, their big campaign was “No Software.” When Basecamp launched, their stance was “no enterprise.”

Some inspiration

“in Just One Month” is an incredibly strong position. It gives people a sense of accessibility as well as how much they’ll need to commit. I imagine it builds confidence.


There are countless team collaboration applications. Few, if any, position themselves as tools that “Keep your team minds synced.”

It’s clear who their platform is for. If it’s not you, then you’re off the site in two seconds. If it is you, then you’ll spend hours digging through their resources.


Simple and to the point. Most Maintenance Management Systems are decades old systems that are difficult to navigate. Training teams to use these legacy systems is costly. UpKeep makes it clear they’re different.

Fun and quirky. What’s great about their tagline is the way they express themselves. They take a heavy stance on being opinionated.

But their mobile site gives a better sense of what it is they do.

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