Passion Not Required. Or, the Worst Motivator for Success.

1. strong and barely controllable emotion.

That’s what passion is. It’s fervent, out of control emotion.

Countless businesses start and crumble on the back of passion. Remember the cupcake craze? Every “passionate” cupcake baker came out of the woodwork to start their own cupcake business. They soon realized starting and running a business has nothing to do with “following your passion.”

It’s easy to say that passion comes after years of hard, focused work. That once you achieve mastery will you then have “passion.” But what I think people mean is “purpose.”

Mastery and starting a business is long, grueling work and only after months – or years, really – do the efforts pay off. There is no oasis waiting to be discovered. It’s your job to design and build that oasis. Only then will you have purpose and meaning.

Are you OK doing mundane, methodical work which never truly ends to build and grow a wildly successful business? Do you enjoy doing the work, helping customers, learning, and growing a business?

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

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