Slowing Down as a Competitive Advantage

One of the most frustrating things is interacting with customer support that wants you off the phone as fast as possible. You can feel the tension and aggravation that they’re having to talk to you in their voice. It’s like you’re a nuisance more than a customer.

That’s one approach companies take: Train their team members to get customers through the queue as fast as possible. The more tickets they’re able to close the better their performance ratings.

Of course, it’s a terrible metric for measuring employee success. It doesn’t measure value – for the customer or company – nor does it help people accomplish what they need to get done.

If you’re not willing to hire and train for high-quality, human-to-human interactions then opt for an automation system.

Nothing is worse that interacting with a human who it trained to not communicate like a human.

Another approach is to slow down and realize that understanding peoples’ needs is going to take time. Mind reading and predicting needs is not possible. Why not measure performance by the number of successful resolutions.

When customers have their problems solved then customer support is succeeding.

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