Strategies for creating tech products that people love.

(And pitfalls to avoid.)

What Types of Problems are You Solving?

Discover what problems people need solved.

Getting Customers on a Path to Success

Learn to increase life-time value and reduce churn.

50% off Does Not Mean Value Has Increased 50%

Understand how people make buying descisions.

What You Learn

Product Discovery

Don't leave your hard work up to chance. Learn how to discover what people want before you run off and build it.


Learn how to identify who your ideal customer is, how to educate them about your product, and close them in less time.

User Experience

Helping your customers along their journey and getting them to succeed with your product is the number one way to reduce churn.

Customer Success

It all comes down to whether your customers succeed with your product. If they're not getting done what they need done then your attrition rates will be high.

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