50% off Does Not Mean Value Has Increased 50%

If what you’re buying doesn’t have value at full price, why does it suddenly have value when it’s 50% off? It doesn’t. You’re just convincing yourself that it does.

When going through the buying decision making process, we’re looking for ways, signals that quickly allow us to determine value. We look at things like quality, quantity, size, shape, produce, market maturity, and, of course, price.

The problem is, is we focus too much attention on price. Something either has value or it does not. Price should not weigh so heavily in the decision making process.

This is the difference between being frugal and cheap. When you’re frugal you value things in terms of what you need or what you will extract from them. But being cheap means getting things at the best price. If the item you want is not on sale, but a competing product is, which one do you buy?

Sure, it’s a nice surprise when what you want is 50% off. However, a discount and/or price should not be the guiding or final decision maker. What ends up happening is that 50% saved gets spent plus some. That little extra padding in your pocket or account, if not moved to an investment account, will be spent.

If something truly has value, then it will return value well beyond the original asking price.

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