Hello! I’m Raffy Banks. I’m a Product Manager at MTS where I launched MTS On Demand and SeaDrive–the saner way to train seafarers–which we’ve grown to more than 90,000 users.

I love building software applications that help people solve their most critical problems. I believe that good software complements people and enables them to do things that were otherwise not possible.

My journey in tech began as a Systems Analyst at a startup in Chicago.

While there, I learned the lengths you need to go to understand the end-user and their problems, as well as how to design and develop solutions that solve those problems. Working there was a phenomenal foundation from which to build.

After a few years, I was energized to start a software company where I first launched a hosted-Exchange service and then developed a policy management application for Insurance brokers. Later, I co-founded an e-commerce shop that we grew to more than 10,000 SKUs and well into the six figures.

Looking back it’s dizzying to think of all the learning that happened on the fly. Web development, feature prioritization, acquiring customers, user experience, reducing churn, product value, copywriting, conversion optimization, et al.

I’m now a Product Manager at MTS where many of the world’s largest global shipping and bulk carrier companies rely on MTS On Demand and SeaDrive–a Learning Management System (LMS) for the maritime industry–to keep their seafarers well trained.

On this site, I teach and write about everything I’ve learned over the last 15+ years. How to build and grow successful software products is something that I think about all the time. If I can save people from venturing down the wrong path–or even just a few hours of aggravation–then I know my time has been well spent.

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