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Active vs. Engaged Customers

Customers who are active may or may not be getting value out of your product. They’re the ones who login wander around and don’t have the pleasure of accomplishing their goals. Maybe their lost or don’t know how to complete the tasks they need to complete. It’s your job to figure out what’s going on so you’re able to help them.

Get users engaged with your product to ensure their goals are met. Engaged users are accomplishing their goals on a regular basis. They’re using the right features for them the right amount of time. It may be tempting to push them to features they’re not using but that is not their goal. This should not be a strategy.

If customers are ‘active’ and not ‘engaged,’ help them make use of your products features. Of course, those features must help them progress towards their goal. So, it’s important you understand their needs first.

Engagement means different things to different companies so be sure to understand the subtleties of what you’re offering. People don’t by products. They buy stories.

An ‘engagement’ story for a Learning Management System (LMS) may be ‘promotion earned’ or ‘got hired’. A users who is showing signs of progressing towards these goals is an engaged user.

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