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Scheduling Time for Inspiration

Do you ever find yourself putting things off, never actually completing anything? Follow this simple, practical strategy for getting more done.


What it takes to make great things. (Notes and Quotes from “The Ride of a Lifetime” by Robert Iger)

Want to know what it takes to make great things? Iger’s book on business and leadership is one of my favorite reads of the year so far.

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Eliminate Friction, Achieve Unimaginable Results

Want to achieve unimaginable results? Identify moments of friction in your life and you will 10X your results.

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What happens when you let external forces dictate your life?

We often use external forces as an excuse as to why we’re stuck. We get too comfortable and shy away from doing the hard work. So, how do you get unstuck?

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How to free up more of your time (Tips for an impactful workday)

Get as much done as possible with as little effort as possible. The goal being to free up your time while still being able to do great work.

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One of my favorite productivity books (Notes and thoughts on The Practice by Seth Godin)

Are you struggling to get things done? Perhaps you’re focusing on the wrong things. Discover the power of crafting “your story.”

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Solving for the optimal talent stack

The skills employers and the market value change over time. What was an important skill ten years ago may or may not be useful today. Or, rather, it’s the price required for entry.

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Your job will be automated one day

Someone, somewhere is trying to figure out how to automate your job. It may as well be you.

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Are poorly written alerts aggravating your users?

A poorly worded alert is at best going to stop someone in their tracks and confuse them. At worst, it’s going to piss them off.