When Budgets Fail

The problem with a budget is that it encourages spending. It places the focus on spending vs. saving or making.


What Would You Do For $100?

Most people would not travel 30 minutes out of their way for a $100 off a new car. But they would for $100 off a TV.


The Customer-Identity Gap

Do you know who your customer is?


As a business you sell ideas and a story. It’s the experience that matters most.


Interruptions vs. Invitations

Are you interrupting your customers? Or are you having meaningful, engaging, and welcomed conversations with them?


Affirmations vs. Acceptance

Affirmations put your mind in a binary state. Acceptance, on the other hand, is about becoming better than who you were yesterday.


Customers Don’t Want Cheap Labor

People don’t want cheap labor. They want to be the envy of all their neighbors.

Batman playing pinball

Who are you engaging with?

Do you want to make products and services for everyone? Or are you engaging with your true fan base, the true fanatics?


Notes from To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink

Distilled down to the key ideas and actionable takeaways.