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10 ways to strengthen your influence

Persuasion is one of the more difficult aspects of building and growing software products. Like most things in life, it’s a skill you learn.

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6 ways to delight your users

People get aggravated when software gets in their way. Delighting them is a great way to ensure they have high opinion of your product.

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3 things all SaaS companies should be doing right now

The economy will drastically change over the next few years. To prepare for the change, there are three things you need to be doing right now.

How to Keep From Going Mad

How do you keep from going mad as a Product Manager?

Learn what you can do to keep yourself from going mad every time you’re asked “why?” as a Product Manager.

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How to say “no” as a Product Manager

Find yourself wanting to scream “no” to every harebrained idea that comes your way? Try these tactics that help you discover hidden opportunities.

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Differentiation and business failure

Businesses and products fail for an accumulation of reasons. Discover the core reason why customers don’t buy and what you can do about it.

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How to build wealth

Smart money gives you time. Dumb money steals it. Here you’ll find insights and lessons on time, money, freedom, and–most importantly–building wealth.

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How do you maintain focus?

Having a hard time knowing where your time should be spent? Learn how to identify the things you should be working on and the things you should be avoiding.

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How to go from charging $500 a project to $5,000

Are you tired of taking on small, low-paying projects? Learn how to charge based on value and outcome and get clients knocking on your door.