Man looking at software mockups

What do you do when the company’s strategy is not clear?

… or when it’s always changing? You can be in the unfortunate positions where management isn’t making their long-term vision clear. What’s worse is when they’re constantly changing it. This makes defining a product strategy an exhausting struggle. Certainly, there…

Man giving a presentation

Do you get anxious–or even shut down–when presenting to a group?

One of the hardest things about being a Product Manager who is introverted AND shy is when it comes to giving a presentation to a group.

Weekly schedule on whiteboard

Who else finds Product Management exhausting?

The dynamic nature of Product Management is what makes is so interesting. What you don’t want happening is being crushed under the weight of endless work.

What’s pushing your product towards success?

Learn how to guarantee you’re moving your product towards success.

A formula for valuing and prioritizing opportunities

Know which opportunities to work on right now and which to put off until later.

Seattle Ferris Wheel

What’s your product’s innovation?

Learn to identify your product’s innovation.

Does your product elicit an emotional response?

Emotion helps create a strong, trustworthy connection to people.

The Pain of Busywork

How are you limiting yourself or your business? Is busywork keeping you up at night?


Observing People Use Your Product Reveals Opportunities

When you observe customers using your product on a regular basis they’ll reveal opportunities that you otherwise would have missed.