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The one goal new PMs should set if they want to excel

Are you new to Product Management or looking to launch a new product? There’s one goal you need to set to guarantee you’ll succeed.

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Want to launch a product? Here’s how to get started

Are you struggling with knowing how and where to get started? Launching a product or feature can be overwhelming. It’s tempting to think you start by just building something. Problem is, this doesn’t provide direction later on. Learn where to focus your efforts when you’re first getting started for the biggest impact.

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What to do when your boss changes product requirements midstream

It’s aggravating when a boss makes a product requirement change–doubly so when development is already moving forward. Learn what to do when this happens.

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Is the company name/brand important for a PM career?

Ship products and features from a set of principles you identify with, as well have personally developed. Do this over and over again and you’ll get good.

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How to ensure your product or feature is delivered on time

Setting a deadline is incredibly hard to get right. Use these tips to help ensure your team is on board with them and stakeholders are happy.


How to get designers and engineers to work on your ideas

Learn how to get your team involved and collaborating together from the start and identify opportunities that everyone is excited about.

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3 strategies to ensure the Product Roadmap is not hijacked

Management, sales members, and customers will all try to pull the product in multiple directions. Ensure the Product Roadmap stay intact and on target.


Rarely recommended books for Product Managers

To stand out as a PM you need to focus some portion of your time on learning things your peers are not. The more unique and well balanced your knowledge-stack, the more likely you will be to succeed. This means…

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Should you quit your PM job?

Systemic flaws in a company’s strategy can often cause harm to customers and the team. Quitting is a drastic decision but sometimes it’s the best option.