Do You Have a ‘Problem Queue’?

Learn how to get people to reveal their problems so you can design the right solutions. Understand why your developing something as well as who its for.


Experience and Wisdom

Are we headed towards an era of wisdom? Will the future job market demand some level of wisdom from employees?


How to Demo Software to Increase Leads

Software demos should not be dull, dry walkthroughs. They should be lively and engaging stories! It ensures your product resonates with potential customers.


Identify and Solve User Issues Before People Give up and Walk Away

If you don’t know when and where in your app people are getting aggravated you’ll have no way of addressing those issues before people close their account.


Is Your Product Developed from the Inside-Out or the Outside-In?

Are your product and design decisions driven solely by internal business needs? Or are they being made from the customers’ or users’ perspective?


Mega Mega Menus Throw People off Course

Mega menus are a great way to bring clarity to the navigational choices a user is given on your site. Mega mega menus, however, destroy that clarity.


The Compounding Effect of Too Many Distractions

Distractions are taking you away from doing important work. Linear thinking means opportunities that could be compounding your life go unnoticed.


How to Get Potential Customers to Ignore Your Competitors

You product’s position in the market helps customers understand what your product does and who it’s for. Use this tip to cement it into their head.


50% off Does Not Mean Value Has Increased 50%

Price is irrelevant when determining the value of the purchases we make. When something is offered at a discount it does not mean the value has gone up.