Don’t Make Users Guess the Outcome of an Action

The length of time it takes a user to predict and discover the result of pressing a button is proportional to their satisfaction level.


The Simple Equation for Validating and Prioritizing Projects

If you’ve identified people who are aggravated with the way things are now and the current solutions suck, then prioritizing your projects will be a snap.


95% of MOOC Students Dropout

The precipitous dropout rate of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) may be a sign of an opportunity. If you can complete 3-5 MOOCs you’ll be way ahead.


The Price of a $100 Pen

What you earn is not what you get to keep at the end of the day. Purchasing a $100 watch requires you to earn more than $100.


The 5-Step Process to Identifying a Market Need

The majority of businesses fail because they don’t make something people want. Follow these 5 steps to get the market to tell you what it wants.


Solving the Gordian Knot

There are multiple layers of complexity when looking at a problem. Most people look at the rules that are presented to them rather than set their own.


Understanding Customer Problems

Creating a lasting product or service means first having a deep understanding of a problem.


Pessimistic Spending

The perceived utility of a purchase now may or may not extend into the future.


Optimize Your Phone for Output, Not Input

Want to get more done? Uninstall every app on your phone.