Does your product elicit an emotional response?

Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan -the creators of Method Soap– realized that hand soap bottles were dull and ugly. They knew that if they could create a bottle people were excited to put next to their sink, they’d have a hit.

They also knew that as people were shopping the hand-soap aisle at their local store, placing their beautifully designed bottles next to their competitors, theirs would immediately get the attention of customers.

This was the foundation of their success. To elicit a positive, visceral response.

And here’s the best part… It costs nothing but earns trust!

Grammarly’s writing-assistance tool is unobtrusive and elegant. It was designed to spark a positive feeling. It’s a wonderful surprise at how well it works every time you use it.

To a Porsche lover, there is nothing more pleasing than the sound of an air-cooled engine. When they moved to a -water-cooled engine, they lost the trust of their most loyal fans.

When people identify with you or your product it immediately builds trust. It means that there is an understanding. That they and you are part of a club. The easiest way to do this is by building elements that elicit emotion into your product.

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