Don’t Make Your Users Search for the Next Step

How do I “Try it out today!”?

This alert was at the top of my JWPlayer dashboard. A “Custom Reports” sounded like a nice feature so I wanted to check it out.

Problem was that I didn’t know how to. There were no clear instructions in the message. They had my interest but failed to clarify the action I should take.

The good and the bad

JWPlayer got a a few things right. The message:

  • was unobtrusive
  • was welcomed
  • piqued my interest
  • got me to want to take action

But it had a couple problems:

  • “Segmentation will now me know as Custom Reports!” – So, they’re not introducing Custom Reports? It’s just a name change? Is that the only change?
  • “Try it today!” – Okay, I’d love to. But how?

The language in the message threw me but since I was mainly focused on the header and call to action it was unclear to me what what action I needed to take to check it out.

I.e. I had to go looking for the feature so I could check it out.

How do I take the next step?

I knew what the next step was. I just didn’t know how to take the next step.

All I wanted was a strong, actionable call to action. I wanted an easy way to get to the next step.

There were no step-by-step instructions nor any other specific way to take the next step.

Had “Try it today!” been a link I would have clicked it without thinking. My assumption then would to be redirected to the Custom Reports page or possibly even a post about the new announcement, but that would be a stretch.

How long will it take?

“Try it today!” is vague. It’s hard to tell how much work or time is required.

At this point, I know nothing about the feature so the time investment could be quite high. It’s hard to know whether I should stop what I’m doing right now and shift my attention.

If I had a sense of how much time it would take I’d be much more inclined to at least give it a peek.

“Run a custom report” or “Generate a report” or “See a report” may have been a bit better.

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