Is Time a Limited Resource?

Money and resources are no longer in limited supply. You have everything you need to get that project or new business off the ground.

Even information is now available for free. Time, however, seems like it’s shrinking in supply.


A consequence of a technological advancements and a thriving society is that time is freed up. The problem is not that there is so much more to do. The problem is that time is wasted on things that do not matter. will tell you how much time you’ve wasted watching tv. Visit the site and enter any show you’ve binged watched to see how many days you’ve spent watching it.

If you’ve watched every episode of The Office, 4 days, 3hours, and 30 minutes have been spent in font of a TV.

Opportunity costs

What’s hard to do is value the things we’re giving up for the things we’re doing now. Wasting 1 hour on the new episode of Black Mirror means 1 hour not:

  • Finalizing a project
  • Chatting with loved ones
  • Learning a new language
  • Helping a customer
  • Learning how to grow your team

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