Seeing the Goal for the Obstacles

When you want something so bad that nothing else tastes as sweet, you become blind to the obstacles.

When you want to make lasting change, when you truly want to get things done, you see no other option than moving forward towards your goal.

Take someone who enjoys cycling. Think of all the gear and time and energy that goes into the sport they love. Imagine having to get up early in the morning, getting on all that gear, strapping your bike to the back of your car, then driving for an hour to your favorite spot.

To people who don’t enjoy cycling this sounds like a nightmare. But the cyclist doesn’t even notice these things. They are completely blind to them. To them, all they see is cycling on the road. All they think about is getting on the road.

There are countless things we’d all like to be good at or have. Who wouldn’t want to speak five languages or have six-pack abs. Problem is all we see are the hurdles to those objectives so we don’t prioritize them. They end up at the bottom of our “some-day” pile. Reality is we don’t want those things.

If you want to identify the things that you’ll succeed at just look at the things you can’t help doing. Look for the things where you ignore the hurdles. To you they’re just the details. To others they’re an obstacle they’re not willing to solve.

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